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While you were on hold for beauty industry; Medicals, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons, Dermatologist, Spas, Med Spas,
Day Spas, Skin Care, Salons, Weight Loss, Massage Therapist, Nail Care and much more


You don’t want them to think that your business is not professional or quick enough, and get aggravated or hang the phone up. When it comes to customers waiting on hold, silence is not golden, it's a lost opportunity. If you are playing a radio for your callers, they're hearing advertisements for other businesses, maybe even your competitors. Even an outdated on hold message for your own business is yesterday's headline. While they wait, you would want to introduce new products and services that will add to your bottom line. No doubt it increases your cash flow. You want to build your business every time you push the hold button because more knowledge brings more sales. Callers may have been dealing with you for years, but still not know all the benefits of your services. Commending your benefits over and over again is a must, but it is also a must to update your information quarterly, yes quarterly, and don’t forget your promotional offers as well. Promotional offers are as important as your: products, services, policies, and company information. Your information can also include how-to, cross-selling, references, customer service, gifts, website, parking, businesses history, awards, staff training, and much more. Your promotions can increase the sales that the phone call was originally made for. Your, “while you’re on hold”, works great when asking people to join totally different programs, with different promotional discounts, including your direct mail and email service.

“While You’re On Hold” should be one of the six marketing methods you are using. Call 800.717. 2566 today and allow us to get your cash flow growing. We are not cookie cutters that write the same old information for all. I.S. Marketing writes and records all your information with fresh headlines that your business needs to grow.

1 Recording Only - Text Writing $250 Message Length - 4 Minutes
*$50 for each additional minute
Recording $250 - 4 Minutes
Recording $500 for two voices or more.- 4 Minutes
*$50 for each additional minute

discounts if purchasing more than one recording
2 Recordings - Writing and Recording only $225 each (save $25 each time)
4 Recordings - Writing and Recording only $200 each (save $50 each time)
6 Recordings - Writing and Recording only $175 each (save $75 each time)
12 Recordings - Writing and Recording only $150 each (save $100 each time)

Voice Talent - Our professional voice talents specialize in Message On Hold productions. They understand the frequency limitations of telephone systems, and realize the uniqueness of this format. Unlike radio or television, Message On Hold is a style unto itself and demands an approach which we have perfected. This professionalism guarantees a spokesperson that will deliver your message clearly and effectively.

New Age (Slow / Medium Tempo)

New Age (Medium / Upbeat Tempo)

Voice Samples
Female Voice Talent
Bonnie Kathy
Julie Lora
Desiree Kat
Male Voice Talent
Allen Joel


Try the I.S. Marketing Concept!

I.S. Marketing
1-800-717-2566 • 813-996-1900
Fax: 813-877-2460


Don't wait for "word of mouth"! Join the new wave of marketing...


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